Nothing is going well for the Greek

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May 262015

Greek Debt Has to Be Written Down: Darbyshire

Things to Avoid When Dating a Damaged Girl

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Oct 242014

keep your emotions

Keep your emotions in check

In the world there are a huge number of families that have split up and children that suffer from it. They grow up, and occasionally become “damaged goods”. It sounds severe, but it really just means that they aren’t quite stable, and when you’re looking for serious relationships you’re bound to run across a girl who’s damaged. Especially if you live in a city the size of Toronto, it’s almost impossible to avoid them. So what are you supposed to do when you start dating one? Damaged girls require some special handling, and it’s important to avoid certain things when you’re with her.


women with daddy issues

It’s hard to understand the women with daddy issues

As we mentioned, families can be the root of all evil when it comes to damaged girls. They might have daddy issues, mommy issues, didn’t feel loved or appreciated growing up, or maybe they were the ones that caused the issues and are paying for it now. As a natural progression, relationships sort of evolve into becoming more solid and eventually require the approval of the family members from each side. Well that’s okay if you have to avoid them, right? Just don’t go calling for dinner. It’s much worse than that. Even the mention of her family members or their past might send her into an angry rage. Questions about siblings and what her parents do for living are normal and natural conversation starters, but it can be scary when you step into that hidden trap. Beyond that, she might be completely disconnected with her family or still have contact with them, but totally doesn’t want to. You might be stuck between a rock and a hard place since they may want to meet you and she wants to stay away. Since she is so sensitive about this, even your family can set her off. Having her over for gatherings or holidays won’t seem like a big deal while you’re there, but as soon as the car door closes she’ll be in tears or giving you the silent treatment. Really all it will lead to is you being in trouble for something you have no control over. Explain to your family that she has some troubles with her own and it’s really difficult for her to make it to see them since it brings up bad memories for her. Hopefully they’ll understand.


jealousy partner

Tread carefully – you are entering dangerous waters with Jealousy

Most people already think of jealousy as a factor when looking for a serious relationship. But when you’re dating a woman from these websites who needs some special attention, be prepared for it in tenfold. If your girlfriend has been cheated on in the past or had critical guys who insulted her (she’s too fat, too nosy, doesn’t have sex enough) she might be more inclined to get jealous over you. She’s insecure now and is always afraid that you’re only with her because you feel bad for her or something like that. Even though there is absolutely nothing to support this, she will believe it whole-heartedly. This also makes it a huge pain in the ass if you happen to have any female friends. They will immediately be looked at as your side girl, and you will constantly have to defend your friendship.You can try to ease her worry by inviting her to hang out with the two of you, but she’ll think you’re just trying to trick her and feel like the third wheel, so you shouldn’t really bother.

Your girlfriend’s jealousy may not even end there. It’s not as likely, but sometimes a woman will get jealous over the other women in your family. She might say that you love them more than you love her or you always take their side in an argument, and it’s difficult to try and tell her she’s wrong (at least about the first one). These are women you’ve known your whole life, so of course you’re going to love them more than most people. If you and your girlfriend haven’t been together for very long then, yes, you will probably love your mother, sisters, and cousins more than her. As for taking sides, it may be true or it may not. Arguing with your girlfriend over which side you take will only end well if you say that you’re taking her side. But if she’s totally wrong or it’s an argument that matters don’t appease her just by saying, “yes ma’am”. Stick up for your family.

Sexual Pressure

women need ego boost

Women like her need constant ego boosts

Women today are insecure about their bodies even when they don’t need to be. It’s partially because of the media and partially because of the people that surround them. At some point in time she may have had a family member that told her she was too ugly and wouldn’t ever get a boyfriend or that she was a lesbian in hiding. Comments like this will never make her feel wanted, and the rest of the men that sleep with her will have to deal with that and comfort her. The constant pressure to make her feel sexy and wanted can get to a guy, and if you start pushing her to just get over it and have sex, she will be very upset. There’s nothing more scarring than being pushed too fast into having sex; women remember these things for years to come. Even if you don’t mean to push her, she might think of those extra long kisses or the grabbing of her ass as a way to try and get her in bed faster than she wants to. Just be wary of her body language. She might not being saying “no”, but if she looks less than excited, double check with her. Say something very sincere once or twice (i.e. “I really don’t want to do this unless I know you do too. I care about you too much to hurt you.”) And if she still seems like a dead fish, then just kiss her a lot and say that you can try again another time. She may be upset by this, but it’s a whole lot better than making the situation worse.

Sensitive Subjects

sensitive subjects

Don’t bring up sensitive subjects that bother her

With all of the issues that people seem to foster, there’s more sensitive subjects out there than can be counted. Even if whatever she is having a hard time dealing with seems silly to you, be sensitive to it and don’t make fun of her. When you’re looking for a serious relationship and finally find one, you’re telling her that you’re going to be there for her and respect her. So her weird stigma against a certain type and color of a car might be hard to deal with; get over it. You won’t know how she feels about that and you never can. Maybe dealing with a damaged girl is too much for you. If you really can’t handle it then break-up with her. It’s better to end it before it drags on too far or you may be one of the guys that damages her a little bit more, and the next guy along is going to have to deal with that. The best way to try and make it work is to be open and honest with each other.

How To Hookup For Free In Edmonton And Around The Globe

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Oct 192014

I hear guys all the time talk about how they won’t ever pay for sex. News flash men, you are always paying for sex, either directly or indirectly. Follow me…if you are in a bar and buying a girl drinks to get her to have sex with you, you are paying for sex. If you like a girl and hope that you are going to get laid, taking her to dinner is paying for sex. There are rarely times when you get sex for nothing. If you are married, that is true more than ever before. Whether you are taking the trash out, or mowing the lawn, you are paying for sex. So, how then is it possible to hookup for free? First let’s start by defining what a hookup is.

What is a hookup?

A hookup is a new phenomenon that is taking over Edmonton, and around the globe. It is a way to reach out to people for the purpose of sex. The only purpose of a hookup is gratifying sex. There is no money involved, or need to wine and dine, it is no-strings attached pure sexual satisfaction. It can be with someone you know, but most often it is with a complete stranger. If it sounds intriguing, wait for the best news. It is completely available to you if you want it. Whether you are married, or maybe single, or in a committed relationship, it makes no difference. You can get all the sex you want for free. How you ask? The internet.

What is a hookup site?

A hookup site is based on the same concept as a dating website, but you will not have dates. People on hookup sites are looking for nothing more than to get laid. They don’t want you to meet their mothers. They aren’t concerned whether you are educated, make a lot of money, or that you are sensitive. They only care about one thing, you are hot and you have a penis. If it sounds too easy, it is. That is the beauty of a hookup site. You don’t have to jump through hoops to get laid, you just have to join.
sex and nothing else

Where can you hookup for free?

Hookups themselves are free, but some of the hookup websites are not. I found a great guide teaching you how to hookup in Canada. There are free sites and then there are pay-for-use sites. The major difference being that you normally get what you pay for. If you aren’t someone who likes to go to discount stores because you have to scour the racks, free sites are the same concept. You have to really look through the merchandise, and check it over thoroughly, before purchasing it. Free sites have a tendency to have far more scams and frauds than pay-for sites. By nature they are set up to make money through their advertising. They aren’t that concerned if a member is who they say they are. They want the numbers on their site, and if quality has to suffer, they are alright with it. When you use a pay-for hookup site you are less likely to encounter scams.On hookup sites that you have to pay a fee for, you have to provide them with a credit card for your monthly dues. When you do that there is a better system to verify that people are who they say they are. The most likely scam that you will encounter on any of these sites is fake profiles. Escort services are notorious for setting up fake profiles saying they are average women, only to be prostitutes in disguise. No one really gets hurt, but you can end up feeling pretty let down, and embarrassed.

Which type of site is best for you, hookup for free, or pay sites?

If you are wondering which type of site will increase the likelihood that you will get laid in Edmonton, the answer is that it is really a hit or miss. Depending on where you are at, and what your preferences are, it is really a personal choice. A site that is good in your location, may not be in another. It is all about the numbers on the site. If there are only ten girls to choose from, you can see that your odds of finding someone are not going to be as good as if there are one hundred, or more.You can go through the internet and read the reviews that are written about hookup websites. The problem with the reviews is that often times they are only paid advertising. They don’t give a fair representation. That is why they rarely agree with one another. The best way to find the one that works for you is to try them all and see which you have the most success with.
waiting for you
Sometimes pay sites will offer you a free trial period. Take advantage of it, but don’t be taken advantage of. Often times the free trial period is where they will feed you the best of the best profiles to convince you that there is more to come. Once you sign up on the site everything seems to completely change. Another way that these sites will entice you is by having different levels of memberships. For one price you can look, but you can’t reach out, for another you can do both. That is a way of getting you used to paying more than you originally would. Sometimes, in the end, you find that you are paying way more than you had thought, or that you would have been comfortable with at the beginning when you joined.

What type of women are on hookup for free sites?

There are women from all different walks of life on hookup sites. They range in age vastly, and from life situations. Some are married, some are single, and some are in between. They all want the same thing, however, sex. The way that they are going to choose you is through how attractive they find you. There really isn’t anything you can do to increase that. Unlike a dating site, there isn’t anything you can say about yourself that will make you more likely to get laid. So, when you are creating your profile make sure to put the best picture of yourself possible, in it.

The women on these sites are most often looking for a little attention and to feel adored. Every woman wants to be adored. They are obviously looking for good sex, but paying them large amounts of compliments can’t hurt. If you tell them how hot they are, you are more likely to get them to choose you. There are many different reasons why women use these sites, but the majority of them are looking for attention. If you supply them with it, they will likely want more from you.Paying for sex is something that you have done all your life whether you realized it or not. Hookup sites are the only true way to get sex for free, no-strings attached, or hidden fees included. Go out and take advantage of them.

Women Get on Casual Dating Sites to Explore Their Fantasies: Find out What Women Fantasize About

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Oct 292013

You may wonder why hot women get on sex dating websites online such as and Well, you need not wonder anymore. There is a perfectly good explanation why you will find hot women on these websites. Your first thought is that hot women have no shortage of sex partners, and therefore don’t need to join casual dating site. This may be true to some extent, but not all of it is true. Although women are constantly being propositioned for sex, they rarely meet a guy they actually want to have a casual relationship with. Before a woman can agree to casual hook-ups in Toronto, they have to be sure that it will be worth their while. Simply put, you have to guarantee satisfaction before a woman can even think of having sex with you. The internet is a perfect place for women to meet their fantasy casual sex partner. It is a melting point of all kinds of guys, and it is here that they are most likely to get their wildest desires fulfilled. The online dating guide can teach you how to sell a sex fantasy to women and start getting laid soon. Now that you know this, you also need to know what women fantasize about. This will definitely help you pick up women on Canadian casual dating sites, and project the right image.

What Does This Mean For You

Just because women have fantasies of fucking James Bond doesn’t mean that there is no chance for you to get laid. It doesn’t matter if you are an accountant at a dead end job, you can still find hot women online for casual sex. All you need to do is become who they want you to be, you can become James Bond! With the online dating guide, this should not be difficult to do. This does not mean that she will not be into you. It just means that you are giving her what she wants, and increasing her chances of having an orgasm during sex! Below are some of the things that women fantasize about when it comes to sex.

No Multiple Partners Please!

Most women will not fantasize about more than one person. If they are into Brad Pitt, this guy will make a constant appearance in their thoughts. If you can pull it off, you can be her Brad Pitt and she will not want anything more! Men on the other hand have no shortage of the kind of women they fantasize about. You could be thinking Kim Kardashian one minute and Angelina Jolie the next. Women are different in this way. They are more likely to fantasize about a single partner than multiple ones. This is good news for you. Get your salesman cap on and you will definitely pull hot women online. It’s all about selling the fantasy and you will have a casual Montreal fling in no time.

women sex fantasies

Women are more likely to fantasize about a single partner than multiple ones

Women Aren’t About the Details

Contrary to popular belief, when women fantasize, it rarely about the details. They will rarely picture penis size (calm yourself) when fantasizing about sex. They aren’t too much into the six-pack or arms built like a truck. This may surprise you but it’s the media that makes us believe that this is what women want! In fact, size for most women doesn’t matter; it is how you use it that counts. Women fantasize about the feeling of having sex. They fantasize about how they look the location, the environment and such details. For them, sex is no more visual than it is a feeling (no necessarily emotional). Women are all about the experience and reaching orgasm than they are about the details of what the guy looks like. This again is good news for you. Sell your fantasy, execute it and you will have women literally beating down your door for casual sex in the Canada.

The Setting

More than anything, women fantasize a lot about the location of casual sex. Some of the common ones include under the moonlight, on the beach, waterfall, island, flowers forests and other exotic locations. This is a great turn on for women, thinking about the romance of the sex. If you have a Sheffield fling partner, sex on the beach may just be the best sex she has ever had. Women are all about the setting. They mostly fantasize about somewhere private where they are secluded from the responsibilities and rigors of everyday life.

Submissive Fantasies

Women also fantasize a lot about being submissive. You have probably heard that most women have rape fantasies. It’s not so much the act of getting raped, and it may be worth expounding a little. What women are thinking in this case is that a hot guy is so overcome by their beauty/sexiness that he cannot help himself but take her then and there. After the initial force, they still fantasize about the man being sensitive and making sweet love to them for hours on end. Women tend to fantasize about being submissive in the casual sex act, unlike men who are more likely to fantasize about taking charge and ‘banging her brains out’.

Bisexual Fantasies

Most women out there are actually bi-curious, and it is not unheard of for women to have fantasies with same sex partners. It is in fact very common, and is something that you can use to your advantage with your casual sex partner in Halifax. You can get a threesome easily by acting like you are actually looking to satisfy your partners’ fantasy. Of course it will be a perfect setup for you both. You will both get something that you have always wanted and fantasized about.

casual sex

Most women have rape fantasies.


Women on sex dating websites online also fantasize about fetishes, although maybe not as much as men do. A common fantasy is light bondage. You will never know until you talk to your sex partner in New Brunswick about what turns them on. The great thing is that women on casual dating websites are open to experiment and try out their fantasies in real life. They are interested in exploring their fetishes and you are just the right guy for that. There are online casual sex sites that cater especially to different kinds of fetishes, and if this is your thing, this may be the place to start.

Talk about your Fantasies

Casual sex is about breaking barriers and having a great time together. There is no commitment, and therefore no judgement. Women are more likely to lose their inhibitions with their casual sex partner than with their regular dating partner, which is good news for you. The experience of casual hook-ups is about sleeping with people that you wouldn’t normally date in regular life. This is why sex dating websites online are so popular.

You can read this dating article to find out how you can start having casual sex in Vancouver and all over the Canada as soon as possible. These websites are cheap, and you can easily afford using more than one casual sex website at once, which is highly recommended. Read the reviews and find out which sites are the best for online casual hook-ups in the Canada

The Top Android Apps Of 2013

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Feb 212013

Apps make using an Android phone more enjoyable and convenient. But with more than 700,000 apps to choose from, finding the best apps that really work can be a very tedious task. So let me give you a helping hand with 10 of the top Android Apps of 2013.

  • Facebook for Android– Facebook still hasn’t lost in touch in terms of social networking and if you got an Android phone, you ought to have Facebook for Android. It allows you to get in touch with your social buddies in almost real time with its recently updated inbox support. It is simple yet fast and stable.

  • Temple Run2 – With more than 170 million downloads, Temple Run brought mobile gaming to a whole new level. And if you loved Temple Run then you will absolutely adore Temple Run 2. With enhanced graphics, new obstacles and power ups, and better features, you will absolutely never get enough of the running, jumping, turning and sliding.

  • Seesmic – A lot of Twitter apps on Android has shaken up the market with the launch of Twitter’s own-brand app. Many folks, however, are sticking it out with Seesmic. It is one of the best apps being developed to this day. It features multiple accounts support, a polished and professional-looking design, and home-page widgets.


  • Google Goggles – This Google app is another interesting innovation from Google Inc. After taking pictures, Google Goggles analyzes the image you took and gives you a search results page of what you seem to be looking at.

  • Swype –Touchscreen typing has never been easier with Swype. With its word prediction and error-correcting feature, typing has never been faster. With Swype,you type in words by swiping through the screen the letters of the word you wish to type. It needs a little getting used to though.

  • BBC News – Be up to date and informed with what’s happening around the world with the BBC News app. Get the latest, hottest breaking news on your Android anytime, anywhere. Very user-friendly with its easy scroll features and categories which also allows you to watch BBC News live in full screen and everything is for free.

  • DropboxA storage app that lets you have all your stuff with you wherever you are for free. Access your files from other computers or share your files with family and friends with as easy as 1,2 ,3. Grants you full access to your documents, videos, photos and other files even while on travel.

  • InstagramInstagram is a simple yet fun way to edit and share beautiful photos. This is 100% free. Bring out the artist in you and share to the world the moments you treasure most.

  • WhatsApp MessengerBring chatting to a new level with Whats App Messenger. For a fixed cost, enjoy group and international chatting as well as multimedia messenging.

    Messenger For Android Now Lets You Sign-Up With Just Your Name And Phone Number

    Messenger For Android Now Lets You Sign-Up With Just Your Name And Phone Number

  • Angry Birds SpaceThe #1 mobile game of all-time has evolved to a whole new level. The feud between the birds and the pigs has now reached into space. Help the birds retrieve their eggs in this ultimate space adventure.

Make the most of your Android experience!

Should You Consider Using Online Dating To Find Love?

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Feb 142013

Almost everybody in the planet has this one great wish – that is to find true love. But where does one look to really find that one person who will take you for you, and give you the unconditional kind of love everybody hopes for. A lot of common places would include the town park, the newest disco bar, a random grocery aisle, a sports centre, work place or even in the shopping malls. However, in the past decade a new spot brings budding camaraderie into something that could bloom into a romantic relationship – the internet!

Cyberdating or online hook-up sites are one of the easiest places to find someone to meet – and by meet, means not only to start a romance of some sort but could also be a great ground for sharing common interests, making acquaintances and friendship. But in our world today where there is always a doubt in safety, should one really consider finding a friend or a mate over the internet? Romantic relationships that lead to marriage often (if not all the time) start with a great foundation of trust and friendship over time – something that online dating could hardly provide.

On the other hand, a lot of whirlwind romances that did not even depend on the time they know each other also work out just fine. So the big question here is: Are you willing to take the risk to find love everywhere?

Find an online dating site that works for you

Find an online dating site that works for you

If you think about it, the chance of meeting the love of your life in a website is a one in a million shot and most of the time entails risk for personal safety and more importantly having your precious heart broken to pieces. But you see, everyone knows that finding love is a risk everybody should be willing to take if they really want to have it. One can always wait for it to come; or be the person to look and go for it.

One can search through streets or even visit other countries to take that chance. So what’s wrong with taking a little shortcut and meet someone else over the cyberspace for a change? It’s easy, it’s convenient and yes definitely more risky, but that’s what makes love more exciting isn’t it? It is the risk that one takes which makes the love you find worth keeping.

Separation Distress Among Romantic Partners and its Lessons for Human Mating

Separation Distress Among Romantic Partners and its Lessons for Human Mating

The truth is no one really knows where they can really meet the right person. The next best thing to do is to always to be ready for it. Groom one’s self into being a suitable partner and before you know it, love will fall right into your lap and surely, there will really be no need for you to search elsewhere anymore. 

Tips On Being A Leader

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Feb 042013

Who Is A Leader?

First of all, understand the meaning of ‘Leader’. Do you think the person who manages, takes responsibility and follows time management will be a good leader? Of course, these are the contributing factor to become a successful Leader when you lead people. The key factor to become a good, charming and charismatic leader is ‘To understand people emotionally’.

The person who desires to become a Leader should be able to understand each and every person personally and officially. Similarly, analyzing their capacity to do a work and encouraging them in the areas they specialize, will create a good opinion about you as a Leader. All the time make sure you listen to your follower’s opinions in all the matters; this will make them feel important.

Tips To Become A Great Leader:

Be the Change. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. Make sure you follow the rules and regulation, when you want your follower’s to do the same. This will motivate them to follow you. All the time, try to stay calm however the circumstances go bad. This will give them confidence and you can get to the bottom of the issues when you are not stressed out.

Optimism And Attitude. These are the vital qualities you should have when you are thriving to become a successful leader. Leader should always have a positive attitude, in order to give them self-confidence. When you are confident about yourself, you can face a situation open minded with positive thinking. This will gives you fruitful solution even to the challenging problems. Without doubt, optimistic approach to a problem will increase your followers trust in you.

 Charming and charismatic leader

Charming and charismatic leader

Time Management. ‘Timeliness is the most important factor’. The person who can manage time efficiently will become a great leader one day. Leader should always keep up with time, to be well-organized and resourceful. Keeping up with time in difficult circumstances, will make people to have a high regard for you.

Being Knowledgeable. Make sure that you have knowledge in all the areas, as well should expertise in the areas that interests you. A Good Leader shouldn’t be dormant in a group discussion. You must have knowledge in all the current affairs, business and even in stock markets. This makes you feel confident to express yourself in a group.

Critics Can Enhance You. Keep a state of mind, that the criticism is the best way to get stronger in your skills and to enhance your knowledge. The criticism is the most peculiar kind of response, that all of us have to face when we try something different. Take them as positive responses and improve in the areas needed. All the time, tell yourselves that ‘The best ideas or innovations will get more criticism’.

You are thriving to become a successful leader

You are thriving to become a successful leader

Be Friendly And A Role Model. Being friendly with your fellows, doesn’t mean that you should go anywhere they call at anytime or getting drunk. Being friendly, is to make sure that your followers are able to approach you without any qualms. As a Leader, you should lead them in all the difficult situations. Make sure, you celebrate whenever you hear good news.

Keep in mind the above tips, when you start to Lead.

Can Windows 8 Save Microsoft?

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Jan 262013

Microsoft has been known to release unstable or defective operating systems in the past. A very good example is the Windows Vista OS. Fortunately this mistake was redeemed by the release of Windows 7 which was more stable than its predecessor. Because of this, users are not enthusiastic every time Microsoft releases a new OS. Hopefully this trend will end in Windows 8.

The aim of Windows 8 is not only update Windows 7 but also to redeem the image of the company in eyes of the users. Based on the beta-testing results, Windows 8 looks good and stable. However, passing the beta-testing is just one part. The real test is when the OS will be installed in the end-users computers and will be subject to different tasks.

Features of the Windows 8

There are new features added and new functions inserted but the useful and older features are still there. Those who are not familiar with the system will have to take time to use the system before they will become adept in using it. In other words, they have to persevere in learning Windows 8. Some users have pointed out that migrating from the old to the new is not that easy and this might become a problem with the system. However the company has refused to address this as a problem.

In Windows 8, a storage

In Windows 8, a storage

New system operates

Experts think that the release of Windows 88 is not of the right timing because this is still not the finished product. Some think that the new features will weigh more than the technicalities involved in the release of the product. In other words, we must focus on the positive areas of the system. This includes the following:

First, it should be a shock at all that this has a lot of features because some of the features included are already installed in most smartphones. However, the speed of the operating system will amaze you. The Windows 8 will boot in less than 10 seconds. The welcome screen is just pleasing to the eyes and the screen that is installed fits its use. It is larger and clear than ordinary displays.

Logging to the system will constantly change. There’s no need to worry however. Users who are used to the standard login of tablets can still use this method. There is also a login that uses the technology of cash cards where you use a PIN with four characters or if you want it, a previously unknown picture password.

applies to new Windows 8

applies to new Windows 8

The smartphone

The issues raised may not push potential users away but Microsoft should be aware of the little complaints. They might not have the luxury of time to deal will all the issues but when they can they should fix these issues. Failure to address these issues is not good for their reputation and if they don’t have a good reputation this is not good for business too. Microsoft 8 is not the issue here. The way Microsoft is addressing the issue is the main problem here.

Top 3 TV Shows This Year; Worth An Applaud!

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Jan 212013

At the start of the New Year; both cable TV executives and those running the basic channels have bombarded us with a series of new shows. This influx contain some good shows, some that are seriously painful to put up with and some that are primed for a limited on air life span. It is not easy to shower praises upon this medium that has been torturing us with some shows that does not deserve a mention here. Yet in spite of all its obvious faults, television has never ceased to churn out some exceptional work, worth an applaud! Here are three excellent examples of some great TV viewing this year. This is exactly what makes a TV critic’s job so much fun, totally worth it!

Top 3 Television shows for this year:

“Parenthood” (NBC) – In case you have not learned your lessons yet. Never again, should you attempt watching this fantastic family drama without keeping some tissues handy. The latest episodes in Season 4 truly turned on the teary eyed emotions with the heartbreaking breast cancer plot line. This season truly managed to bring out Emmy level performances from the lead pair Peter Krause and Monica Potter. Where several other TV shows may have come across mockingly heavy handed, “Parenthood” has managed to bring out emotional depths and an eye for details, on this topic. Fortunately, this series also managed to find ways to showcase a sense of humor amidst the poignancy. Here, Ray Romano work proved to be of great value addition as this grouchy photographer having a huge crush on the beautiful Lauren Graham. The show spans across 3 generations and has earned widespread critical acclaim.

“Homeland” (Showtime) – Having won an Emmy for their extraordinary season one, this political thriller continues to find ways to get you glued to your seats. An interesting plot set around a twisted relationship between Carrie Mathison a high strung CIA operative played by Claire Danes and a tormenting congressman Nicholas Brody, played by Damian Lewis. The performance of the entire star cast; is just brilliant!

Homeland (Showtime TV show)

Homeland (Showtime TV show)

“Girls” (HBO) – This is a comedy show about the experiences a gang of girls in their early twenties, go through. This story displays assorted disasters, humiliations and some rare triumphs of these 4 extremely different girls. Hannah is an aspiring writer; Marnie, is an art gallery assistant; their cousins Shoshanna and Jessa are the other two girls in the group. The creator of this show, Lena Dunham, also features as one of the lead character. Dunham may not be the representative for her generation, yet one thing is evident; she has successfully delivered a polarizing, brazen, sly, and hilarious original show. Inspired by her own anxious memories, during her own college years, Dunham created this show. It is a gritty comedy about friends gone adrift in New York, during the recession era. You won’t be crying, because you will be doubled over in pity, too busy empathizing with their harsh job prospects, lousy sex life and humiliating letdowns.

new HBO hit series Girls,

new HBO hit series Girls,

Hopefully, these shows will continue to enthral the audiences, for years to come!

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